Saturday, March 10, 2012

Additional LAT stories using our stats:

Firefighters... What do you think of this story?

L.A. Fire Department admits exaggerating response times

and this one:

Politics lights a fire under L.A. Fire Department
One important thing to know:  These stats DO NOT reflect on the amazing work you do every day.  What the stats do show is that the LAFD needs more resources to keep us and you safe.

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  1. Flawed stat's at the LAFD? Tell me it isn't so. The math is SO simple. More calls... less resources.... = Delayed response? Really? Must be the new math. 2 BC's to each Structure and other calls? It is simple math that is being manulipulated and can't be trusted. The way RA's time is accounted for is different from the "work hours credited" for a fire resource. Why? Because some RA's would exceed Fed guidelines. Numbers don't lie... liars lie. Same with the "New Deployment Model". It's all flawed data, politically driven. That is why we now have a "new and improved" computer program to re-analyze the deployment. Funny how the fire station that protects the Mayor's residence wasn't effect by the "stat's". What part of "Integrety" written on the side of the rigs is missing? Simply crunch the numbers, report them HONESTLY and let the "Chips fall where they may". To those who are in charge of those numbers: If (when)someone is to die in a fire, in a district YOUR numbers caused a black-out of a resource (i.e. 105's recent near-fatal) , would you be able to sleep at night KNOWING the data was flawed? I couldn't... because I remember the OATH I took when I got this job!


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